About Me

First up feel free to contact me in any way you feel appropriate.  I'll respond to anything although requests for assistance in moving money from Nigerian royal family may take a little longer to deal with as I've already got plenty of those requests stacking up at my bank.

My name is Dave and I live in the north-west of England with my beautiful wife Laura and our two adorable children.  By some fluke of nature and timing I'm still around after being born in 1975 and then being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1979.

All feedback and discussion welcome so feel free to contact by email: thetangerinediabetic (at) sowerby.info or tweet me @SowerBee

A new note regarding comments - I really welcome ALL comments and don't try to censor. However, anything that links to another site selling stuff will be removed as will anything offering miracle cures by buying extra special jojoba oil. Sorry, this is a non-commercial site deliberately.